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Web-Logs with GoAccess

GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in any browser or in terminal on Linux and Unix systems.

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What is a Cybersecurity Framework? (ISO 27110)

To address the challenge posed by the constant evolution of cyber threats, business groups, government agencies and other organizations are creating documents and tools called cyber security frameworks.

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What to do With Software From the Last Millennium?

We can migrate or adapt the software and its data. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Both are possible with ERP, CRM and other enterprise software.

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Are These Dangerous Files?

at.exe ipconfig.exe pathping.exe systeminfo.exe bitsadmin.exe nbtstat.exe ping.exe tasklist.exe certutil.exe net.exe powershell.exe... What are these?

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Did Donald Trump win the presidential election because of a cyber attack?

The GU/GRU is an important organ within the Russian military's military intelligence service. In March 2016, it began an operation against the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the governing body of the U.S. Democratic Party. The following text is not about the German federal elections, but how carelessness and fatigue during a cyber attack can have devastating consequences. Perhaps also during an election campaign in Germany?

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Red, Blue, Purple: Are CyberSecurity Teams So Colorful?

Executives often are confused when they want to take care of information security, as they are confronted with unclear terms. Do they need a Purple Team now? Or a security audit? Or a penetration test? First, a tea...

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What is a Reference Monitor?

A reference monitor can be an abstract, logical or physical component in a system. As a physical component, think of it like a bouncer in your club: You want to get in? Well, he or she decides. A reference monitor can be implemented anywhere: At the operating system level (e.g., access to files and folders), in your database management system (e.g., an authentication role), in your app, or wherever it's needed. CISSP know this thing.

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