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Introducing Content Security Policy to Your Website

XSS attacks exploit the browser's trust in the content received from the server. Since the browser trusts the source of the content, malicious scripts are also executed by the user's browser by default. Even if these scripts do not come from where they appear to come from.

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Bare Metal Monitoring Fails via IPMI, RMCP, BMC

BMCs are those little mini-computers in your bare-metal servers. You know, the things with the LEDs in the big cabinets that generate heat and noise. Without getting much too technical here, IPMI is the name of the interface specification and RMCP is the underlying protocol (for LAN transmission it runs on UDP, TCP's connectionless sister protocol).

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Are You Missing Emails in Exchange 365?

Where are the emails?

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How To List My Assets in the Cloud?

As a customer of a cloud provider or even multiple providers, a company can quickly lose track of what exactly is happening there and what resources have actually been created there over time. In order not to lose the overview, this information should always be kept fresh.

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What's an Assembler Prologue?

Where important memory content is secured and techniques are applied to avoid security breaches.

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How to Intercept Drone Radio with Wireshark and Mavlink2?

To understand how drones are communicating with the control unit, it is helpful to concisely display the data stream.

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How to build Emacs for Servers?

Emacs has been there before the earth was formed. To use it even in environments like your servers where you can't or don't want to simply install it you might want to build it from sources.

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